We build the foundation of your business by creating unique brand stories that drive audience demand.

We Create Demand.

There is so much overwhelming noise around legal cannabis right now, it is almost impossible for entrepreneurs to know what’s realistic and what’s “vapor,” what’s going to lead to tangible business success and what could be total disaster.

Resinate wants to help guide your organization past this confusion and present you with cost-effective, go-to-market strategies that are smart, legal and in-the-moment.

The creative and entrepreneurial energy that is flowing in and out of the legal cannabis industry is simultaneously unlike anything we’ve seen before in global business, and also, from a marketing standpoint, remarkably familiar.

Resinate combines time-proven business methodologies with up-to-the-minute marketing trends that can evolve at the same rapid pace as the weed industry itself.

 We Fulfill Demand.


For organizations seeking to enter or increase their stake in the legal cannabis industry, Resinate is your end-to-end strategic partner; delivering marketing expertise, channel strategy, and sales and support solutions.


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